Valve Plate

For performance reliability and life durability , materials selection is very high decisive to the extent of customized engineering. The following operating parameters of the Compressions are the main factors for best materials selection for obtaining high reliability and efficiency.

Valve Spring Plate

*Pressure *Temperature *The Composition of Gas for Compression *Gas Condition VALVE SEAT and VALVE GUARD from martensitic , austenitic stainless steel and nickel based alloys are used in compliance with above factors. VALVE PLATES and VALVE RINGS are from selected Non- Metallic materials of PEEK, PEEK with glass fibre, carbon fibre etc. for resistance of High and low temperatures ,Chemical Stress, High impact loading and having properties for optimum sealing, self-lubricating effect for reducing wear in seating portion, residual stress, absolute flatness for the reliable operation in LNG boil-off gas/bone-dry gas/ Oxygen, Ammonia, Chlorine, Natural Gas Hydrocarbon Gas, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrogen , Refrigerants, Air etc Our VALVES are of * Higher Service Life*Lower loss of production.

Non-Metallic Valve Palte


Metallic sealing elements are made out of Steel, Stainless Steel, (AISI 302,316,410,420), Monel and IN-Conel.
The Steps of manufacture are :
(a) Machining
(b) Grinding
(c) Deburring
(d) Lapping and polishing.
Before machining materials are Heat Treated and made Stress Free.

POPPET VALVE, VALVE PLATES and VALVE RINGS can also be made out of Non-metallic elements, such as Polyamides, Laminated Epoxy, Resin, Phenolics and PEEK for better functioning in hazardous Gas applications.

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