Plate Type Valve

The Company has been manufacturing complete selection of Compressor Valves Upto 500MM Dia of all sizes and designs from precision –crafted metal plates valve to the latest, high-sophisticated non-metallic thermoplastic components, Will-Fit for all Brands and application of Air / Gas Compressors manufactured in any Country of the World . Using automated state-of-the –art equipment under QC Specialist’s rigid inspection during manufacturing process. Valve Seat and Valve Guard are Heat –Treated. Our manufactured Compressor Valves, of any design, operate with extreme efficiency ,optimum flow, long service life in high pressure dry or lubricated multi-stages reciprocating compressors with reliability in any application. Every Valve is adaptable to correct pocket dimensions and designed to obtain optimum valve lift, spring load, plate thickness, overall dimensions so that valve area is sufficient to allow the gas to enter and leave the individual compressor cylinder without too many restrictions.

Ring Type Valve

An extensive inventory is maintained for all popular types of Valve Assembly with internal perforated valve plates, valve disc, valve rings, damper plates, plate springs, precision crafted suitable metal and non-metallic PTFE compounds for all makes and design valve. Mopped Valve, Feather Valve, Channel Valve, Direct Flow Valve , Poppet Valve , Radiused -Disc valve designs are few of them Obsolete designs Valve Assembly can be improved or re-engineered, customized according to preference. Solid bar AISI 304, AISI 316 ,AISI 410, Special Grade Cast Steel, Ductile Iron, EN Series Steel materials are used according to its service for Compressor Valves. Valve Seat and Valve Guard precision milled .

Channel Valve

We manufacture CHANNEL Valves of all Sizes and Designs which are interchangeable with Part Numbers of all Brands and maintain large Stock of these VALVE SEAT and GUARDS are normally made out of Nickel Castings of Special Grade , Graded Castings (AISI 410,316), K-Monel, Stainless Steel, and also Inconel X-750 according to its operating pressure and types of Gas handled. These are subject to Heat Treatment, Precision Maching, Drilling, Grinding and Lapping.

Guide Inserts are made out of FILLED PTFE, Channels and Springs are precision formed. Then they are Heat Treated , Ground and Lapped to ensure best sealing surface.
VALVE GUIDE are made from Steel or Sintered materials. They are then precision machined for smooth movement of Channels and Springs in the Valve Assembly.

Poppet Valve

Crankshaft,Filters,Valve Box,Cylinder Head,Cylinder Liner
cryogenic pump Cooling Coil,Heat Exchanger,Inter Cooler
After Cooler,Oil Cooler,Air Compressors,Oxygen Compressors
Expansion Engines,Cryogenic Pumps Components,Vapourisation Cooler
Compressor Valve Assembly,PTFE Piston,Piston Rod
Packing Ring,Cylinder Head,Liners,Bearing,Compressor Replacement
Components,Compressors High Pressure,muli stages compressor
Lubrated compressor,Non-Lubricated compressor,Air
& Gas Compressors,Screw Type Compressor,Spare Parts,Centrac Compressor
smoke cold end . big cold.end the cold endExpansion Model PZK-5/40-6
Other Valves

PZK-14.3/45-6 Vacuum pump models. W3.W4.W4-1.W5.W5-1
W5-AW-1401.WL-100.WL-200.WL-300.WDJ-100.WDJ-200 type,
Liuzhou compressor Model Nos.VY-6/8 VY-9/7 VY-12/7 DVY-6/7 DVY9/7
DVY-12/7 DV-3/8 DV-6/8 DV-5/8 DV-12/8 DV20/8 L35-30/4 2D12-100/8
Shanghai compressor Model Nos.H223 6D32 6M32
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