Connecting Rods

Connecting Rods of all sizes and Designs for Compressors are manufactured by us. These are made from Aluminum Alloy or Leaded Bronze or Low Carbon Steel Forged.

Faces of half Circular of the Big End Of the Connecting Rod are machined and drilled. Then shims are introduced between the faces and the half circles are fastened by bolts. The bores of the two ends are precision machined. The alignment of the centers of the two bores are perfectly maintained.

Shenyang compressor Model Nos.4L-20/8 5L-40/8
7L-100/8 2Z-6/8-1 2Z-3/8-1 2D3.5-20/8-13
Wuxi compressor Model Nos.4L-20/8 4L-20/8-1 5L-40/8
5L-40/8-1 5L-90/1 D65-10/26-36 V-3/8 V-6/8
Sichuan compressor Model Nos.L8-60/8
compressor Model Nos.3L-10/8.4L-20/8.5L-40/5.5-40/8-60/7 (8)
2D12-100/8.7L-100/8.2Z-6/8-1.2V-6 / 3.5-20/-22/-20
-40/8.2V3.5-20/-11/-103.0PT-307Beijing compressorModelNos.4L-20/8 YW-9/7
G2V-5/200 2D12-100/8 L55-40/8 4L-44/2 4L-8/20-1
Chongqing compressor Model Nos.2Z6/8 L-10/8 L-20/8 3L-10/8 4L-20/82Z6/4

We manufacture and maintain ready stock of Bearings for different Brands of Compressors and can Supply these on the basis of Part Numbers. These may be split into two pieces or single piece.

Materials used for the manufacture of Bearings are steel or high strength cast iron with a lining of Babbitt (anti-friction bearing alloy) , aluminum alloy and bronze alloy. Tri-metal construction is also used in this regards. Metal plating within tolerance is also done.

Jiangxi compressor compressor Model Nos.4L-20/8 L55-40/8 2L35-20/7 11ZA-15/8
3L-10/8 Liuzhou compressor Model Nos.Z-06/7
Z-09/7-1 2Z-3/8 Z-15/7-1 2Z-15/8-1 2Z-3/10-1 2Z-6/8-1 2Z-10/7
2ZF-15/25 2V35-20/8 VHZ-20/8 WW-42/7compressor Model Nos.LW-22/7.LW-20/7
LW-20/8.LW-40/8.LW-42/7-AL-40/8.L-42/7.L5.5W- 40/8.L5.5-40/8.LW-11/7.L8-60/7(8)
2D12-100/8.5L-40/8.DW-100/8.5L-40/8-1.4 L-20/8.4L-20/8-1.7L-100/8.
2Z-6/8-1.ZW-6/8.ZW-10/10.VHN-20/8.2V-6/8.2V-6.5 / 12.2W-12.5/8.
6M25.6M32.BTD-103.BTD-42.9.0PT-307.L33 etc

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