Piston Ring

We manufacture and keep sufficient stock of different varieties of Piston and Rider Rings upto 56” diameter of special POLYMER Alloys, commonly used for Sealing and support of Pistons and Rod Packings of Non-Lubricated Compressors upto 5000 lb/sq.inch.

Piston Rings and Rider Rings can be supplied on the basis of Part Numbers of World renowned Brands Compressors or according to dimensional and service requirements. Piston Rings and Rider Rings manufactured by us are perfect circles, which exert unit outward pressure .

In the Cylinder Wall that ensures perfect sealing. They also fit perfectly in the grooves of Piston. These rings have natural lubricity and low frictional characteristics and provide protection during start-up, high pressure and wear and tear resistance when oil film develop in the walls of the Cylinder. These retain the same characteristics even if oil films do not develop in the walls of the Cylinder. The mention below two functions of Piston Sealing Rings.

(a) To prevent escape of Gas from the Piston.
(b) To prevent Heat Transfer from Piston to outside through the Cylinder wall.

CAST IRON: We manufacture Piston Rings and Oil Rings from Graded Cast Iron. These are duly Heat Tensioned so that they can work properly in different temperatures.

Reciprocating Compressor Model Nos. M Series 2M8 4M8 4M10 4M12 4M16 4M20 4M40 4M50 4M80 6M25 6M32 6M40 6M50 etc D Series D3.5 D6.5 2D8 2D10 2D2W 2D3.5 2D5.5 2D6.5 2D80 2D32 3D32 DW etc. type L Series 4L 3L 5L 7L L3.5 L3.3 L5.5 L8 LW etc. type H Series H223 H221 H226 H12 etc. type V Series VW-13/9 VW-27/16 VW-42/28 V-2261 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC: OCE, YC, FE, YCM, TB, TBO,PB,HX,MX,HN,T CREPPLE :,1EHY1GT,1EHP2GT,1HA2BIST,2EHP 2GT 185, 2HA4BIST,2HB2G,2HN2T47x28, 2HX2T 250-140,2HX2T,3HX3T, 3HX37, 3HX2T, 37P29, 4HA4 TER LT,4HA 6BIST LT,4HA6TER LT,4HP 4LT,40P42-136,HA550,40P43,40P36,37P32,37P30,2HB4 bis, 2HB4 ter S(T),BTD-PM,BTD-QM,BTD-RH, BTM-MM,BTD-RL, DIDWANIA,XUZHOU: VW22/7, VW 10/30, TVO25 2K 125/180, GC NL68 MITSUBISHI : J3R160-2(PK301) TS1/025-A2(PK705) WS1/062-A1(PK302) BTD2-1CC OPTNL-526BG2 OPTNL-515E(C-831), DHNL 785, DYNL 69T 31, OPT 307,OPT NL 2AHE, OPTNL 7KE, etc.
Packing Ring

BRONZE: We manufacture Bronze Piston Rings of various Grades according to specifications. The common specifications are Chilled Castings of Cu:Sn:Pb=80:10:10. Bronze Rings manufactured by us work properly in high temperatures, pressure and low lubrication and have resistance to wear and tear.

Whatever the corrosive Gases handled by your Compressors, we have the right combinations of properly utilized PTFE materials that have packing, sealing and bearing properties in different operational characteristics of Reciprocating Compressors. To obtain Filled PTFE materials Virgin PTFE materials are homogenous blended with selected proportions of Carbon, Graphite, Glass Fibre, Bronze and Moly, PEEK, Micarta and Phenol are also used to manufacture these Rings. We manufacture Piston Rings, Bearing Rings etc of any design, including One Piece, Segmental, Composite and Twin Ring as per customers’ specific requirements.

SUPERIOR: MW, RAM, W, W7, WG, WH, 6G825, 6GTLA, 6GTLB, 8G825, 6G510, 8GTL825, 8GTLA, 8GTLA825, 8GTLB825, 12G825, 12SGTA, 12SGTB, 16SGRA, 16SGTB, 1712G, 2408G SIAD WS2-190-B2, WS2 150-B2C, WS2-190-B2,SIAD TEMPO 1250,MS3 1502 A3, MS3 1442 A, WS1/065-A1,W2 & WS2/124-A1E,TS2/102, TS2/027-A1 etc. SULZER BURCKHARDT: 3C2AC1.67, 2K140-2M(PK301) 2D100-2B(PK602) TS?014-A1(PK705) 2K90-ZE(PK501) 4D250-3E(C301) 3K160-ZE(C-241) 4D250-3N(C-301) 4K165-2K etc. THOMASSEN : C-7-2, C35J,C72, C25-2, C12,C35J,C35-4, C452, C202, MES TAMANO 1MBL, etc. TECHNOCRYO: YZ201B ZW9.2/30, YZ220 ZW57.8/30, YH235 ZW-53/46, WORTHINGTON: HBGG, CUB, TB, VBB, HB, SUPER CUB, Y, YC, YC-2,DYC, VB, HBB, YCH, BDC, SLHC, MLV, SUTC, LTC, SLHC, UTC, OF5H/6S, OF5S ZHOUSHAN :3Z3.5-1.67, ZW-1.8/2-165,3Z3.5-1.17/150, ZW 4.17/165, ,ZW-20/25,,ZW-40/30, 3.3/165 , IHI JOY : WN 114,WNOL-134, CVA 185D,WGOL112, WGOL9, IDC116-216, KAJI : YD2 55OL,YD2 140GL-OL,VD 3 110 OL, VS 75H OL, VS22GH OL, YD4 140H, YD 2 220 OL etc.

Oil Scrapper Ring

We offer a variety of Rod Packing Rings, Oil Wiper Rings, Backup Rings and Pressure Breaker Rings Which are of straight cut, radial cut, tangential cut, angular cut , 6P cut and 3p Cut in design. We manufacture Multiple Ring Assembly with combined rings, Triple Circle Rings of Selected alloys of metallic ( such as Cast Iron, Bronze, Babbitt) or No-metallic ( Carbon, Glass, Bronze, Moly Filled PTFE, Bakelite) materials with proper Garter Springs to satisfy operational requirements of high pressure Compressors of any Brand, taking consideration about dimensional tolerances, design utility, and materials according to its design so that pressure leakage is minimum, compensates for wear and tear, and gives access for pressure build-up and also relief at the time of one-directional or bi-directional function of Piston Rod.


We manufacture Packing Cases duly heat treated, and precision engineered to satisfy pressure, temperature, venting and purging for Gas systems as per customers’ specification.

COMPAIR REAVELL :V300 DA, V 150-DAF3,VMD500,VMD750,VMHD750,VML 1500-60, VML2000,VML300,VM1000,VM1500,VMH1000, VMD1500, COOPER BESSEMER , KOBE,THERMODYNE: EMA2, FMA1/2, GMVA-37-7,GMV, KJA, KB,FM,GMVH,GMXE, KS,3B50F, GMVG, GMW, GMXD, JS, V250, W330, AMA, AMC, EM, FM, JM, LM 3V33T,3BF46F,JSW, J2D150N, ME4H, J2D150N-2, 2V38D, etc. Clark CMA2, HBA 6M, CMB4, CRA4, SE80A 300 HMA, CMA, TCVA, TCVA, TCVD, HMAB, VBA, VBL, CMB, VSC, VSF, VTH, VTL, VRA, HBAT, HLA, TMB, VRP, VRSC, CFB, FS, CI, FS, CFA, CFB, NI, MA, CFC,CFX, ICA,HCP-B, VT, RA, HRA, RAS, TLA, TCV, CBA, HBA DRESSER-RAND, BTD-NICC 11-2HHE-VE-2 12-2HHE-FB-6 14-3HHE-VL-3 12-3HHE-VL-3 11-4HHE-FB3 12-2HHE-FB-6 14-2HHE-VG2 12-2HHE-VE , XLE, ESH, ESV, PHE, PRE, XLE-NL-2, KVT, ESH-NL-2, ESV- NL-2, KVG, KVGR, JVG, SVG, HHE, RDS, HOS, RDH, HSE, PVG, TVS, TVR, XVG, KVS, KVSR, HHE-VL, HHE-VK, PRE, KOA, KOB, KOC, VIP, VIP-2 NUOVO PIGNONE: Type 4HB/2 4HB/3 3HF/3 WS3/580-A3 ,2HF-2,2NDVT/4,2HA-1,4HB 5A, 4HB-3,6HF 2-3, 6SHM-2 6 PK-2, 04SHMB-4, 2HC-2-3 NEUMAN & ESSAR 2V2-335-160,2VI 370-180, 3TEV,2TVI 440x260, 3V2, 1TZL 50 etc.
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