Mechanical Seal & Pneumatic Tools

“CVPS” offers a complete range of seal designs including single and double cartridge seals, metal bellows seals, split single and double seals, as well as custom engineered seals. Each is available in a broad range of materials and sizes for Sealing pumps, mixers, compressors, centrifuges, and other pieces of rotating equipment.

Reciprocal Balanced Duplex Cartridge Mounted Seal are used in applications where product leakage of hazardous, toxic and costly products cannot be tolerated and/or applications which require positive lubrication without dilution of pumped.

Cartridge Mounted Double Mechanical Seal is designed as a double seal for use in corrosive applications which require positive lubrication without dilution of the pumped product.

Progressive Cavity Duplex Cartridge Mounted Seals are used in applications on progressive capacity pumps where positive lubrication is required without dilution of the pumped product.

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