Cryogenic Pump Spares

CYLINDER-FILLING(LIQUID) PUMPS' spare parts are manufactured by us WILL-FIT for all Brands and purposes as per customers' requirement.

ITEMS' produced by us are as follows. All items are specifically manufactured for the use in Corrosive Gases produced by Gas Industries. All the items are low cost and fully tested and inspected for quality.

(1) Cylinder Liner
(2) Piston & Rings
(3) Piston Rod
(4) Piston Rings & Rider Ring (filled PTFE)
(5) Rod Packings
(6) Connecting Rod and Pin
(7) Inducer
(8) Impeller
(9) Mechanical Seal
(10) Shaft

/Gas compressor type D-100/8 Air/Nitrogen Gas compressor type 2D12-100/8 compressorAir / Gas compressor type 4L-44/2 Ammonia Gas compressorstype 2AD15-35/50 Ammonia Gas compressor type ???-65/40 Ammonia Gas compressor type 2AD15-95/20 Carbon Di Oxide Gas compressortype 4D12G-62/220 Carbon Di Oxide Gas compressor 4M12-45/210Carbon Di Oxide Gas compressor type 4D12-53/210 Gas compressortype LW-25/1.5~20 Gas compressor type 4DZ16 Gas compressor type 4M16-53/210 Gas compressor type LW-23/1.5~22 Gas compressor type D-40/8hydrogen Gas compressor type D-30/13 hydrogen Gas compressor type 2D3.5-15/13 Methylene Gas compressor type 4LW-5/14 Nitrogen Gas compressor type 2D12-100/8 Nitrogen Gas compressor type 4M12-59/30 Nitrogen hydrogen Gas compressor type MH Nitrogen hydrogenGas compressor type H22?-165/320 Nitrogen hydrogen Gas compressor type N3.6 compressor type 4M8-36/320Nitrogen hydrogen Gas compressor type 512Nitrogen hydrogenAir / Gas compressor type D-150/2.5 air / gas compressor 5LW-40/8 Air Nitrogen hydrogen Gas compressor type 4M16-75/320 Nitrogen hydrogen compressor type 2DZ5.5 Nitrogen hydrogen Gas compressor type MD Nitrogenhydrogen Gas compressor type H228-19/14~320
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