About CVPS :

We also manufacture screw compressor spares of international quality understate-of-the-art-inhouse technology condition and maintain ready stock of OEM Equivalent Spares;

Air Filter,Air oil Separator, Oil Filter,Oil , Intake Valve,Stop Valve Kit ,Minimum Pressure Valve Kit, Lip Seal kit,Hose Assembly, Unloading Valve Kit, Thermosatic Valve Kit, Solenoid Valve,Minimum Pressure Valve, Pressure Transducer, Tempreture Sensor, Vent Sensor, Safety Valve, 'O' Ring, Coupling Element for all Brands of Rotary Screw Compressors. These parts are quality-engineered , competitively priced, to give the best efficiency , reliability and best performance with minimum horse power.


Rotary Screw Service Kits, Separator Kits, Minimum Pressure Valve Kits, Suction Box Kits.
General Spare Parts and Rotary Screw Lubricants.
Rotary Vane Overhaul Kits, Separator Kits, Service Kits.
KM Maintenance Kits, KS Separator Kits & KT Top-up Kits.
ROTAVANE 2000 hour oil for use in Rotary Vane Compressors.
Oil Return Valve Assemblies, Drive Coupling Pins, Pressure Gauges.

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